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The Official Havening Techniques® Certification Training:
Havening Los Angeles, in partnership with Viva Excellence, is proud to offer both in-person and Virtual trainings in the Havening Techniques. The Havening Techniques® system is comprised of protocols and methods that rely on the electrochemical makeup of our body to create healing. It is an efficient and effective tool for healing emotional disturbances, PTSD, complex trauma, phobias, chronic pain, panic disorder, and anxiety. As a psychosensory treatment approach, the Havening Techniques are an integrative psychotherapy approach compatible with traditional and contemporary treatment paradigms including, psychodynamic, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic, experiential, systemic and others. Come learn how to enhance your practice with Better Healing with Neuroscience!

Havening Los Angeles is the Havening Techniques training division of Viva Excellence and is the first training organization for the Havening Techniques on the West Coast. Havening Los Angeles provides premier training and guidance through the practitioner certification process for the Havening Techniques. The Havening Los Angeles team is led by Certified Havening Techniques Trainer and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kate Truitt. Join Dr. Truitt and her talented team to learn how you can incorporate this powerful new technique into your clinical practice. 

Goals of the Havening Techniques Training:
This experiential training will familiarize participants with a broad spectrum of Havening Techniques therapeutic interventions designed to ensure comfortable and efficient use with a wide range of diagnostic considerations and clinical applications. Special attention will be given to the therapeutic needs of clients. In this hands-on training you will:
         - Learn the fundamentals of Havening Techniques
         - Explore newest insights into the neuroscience of trauma
         - Develop comfortability with the history-taking and assessment process for new clients
         - Identify key areas for fast and effective intervention utilizing the Havening Techniques  
         - Learn how to build resiliency for your client's brain health
         - Develop techniques for empowered resource development and sustainable health
         - Engage in supervised small group practice of the techniques
         - Learn self-havening techniques for personal healing and protection against vicarious traumatization

​The Havening Techniques are a specialized treatment approach that requires supervised training for full therapeutic effectiveness and client safety.  Trainings consist of lectures, live and videotaped demonstrations, supervised practice and small practice groups. The format of the Havening Techniques training has been designed and approved by the founders of the techniques, Ronald Ruden, M.D., Ph.D. and Steven Ruden, D.D.S. Dr. Truitt received her Certification as a Havening Techniques Trainer directly under the training and guidance of Dr. Steven Ruden.